New LooKing for Drains


LooKing for drains is a biological septic tank and drain treatment product.


New Amazing Number 1 LooKing for drains

is a biological septic tank treatment product. We created it using natural harmless bacteria scientifically selected for their performance in the breaking down process of faecal and other organic waste. We believe it is a technological breakthrough that will be welcome in many homes that use septic tanks.

Your septic tank relies on microorganisms breaking down solid waste. To use LooKing simply place it in the cistern of a flushing toilet. The bacteria are only released when water flows over the block. This will also help eliminate smelly drains.

LooKing will last between 25-days and 35-days depending on the amount of flushing, but an average of 30-days can usually be expected.

LooKing for drains Biological Septic Tank Treatment – How it Works

LooKing made up of a number of blends of natural harmless micro-organisms chosen for their specific abilities to vastly accelerate the biodegradation process of human, vegetable, animal, fibrous and hydrocarbon waste.

The release of bacteria in this way is called bioaugmentation and provides the following benefits:

  • Biodegrades the solidified effluent in the chambers of a septic tank. This decongests the soakaway, rendering the system functional and prevents contamination of groundwater.
  • In addition some of the microbes used, due to their unique capabilities of converting an anaerobic to an aerobic environment, eliminate waterborne diseases such as dysentery, diarrhoea and typhoid.
  • Other microbes in the products compete with the cholera bacteria for the same food source, starving the cholera bacteria and preventing them from spreading.
  • Decongest the anaerobic and aerobic solidified effluent in oxidation and maturation ponds very much cheaper than by the usual mechanical methods or expensive extensions. Additionally they ensure compliance with health requirements, which other methods do not do.
  • Accelerate the biodegradation process in hydraulically overloaded sewerage systems including septic tanks and French drains thus relieving the load and ensuring the final effluent conforms to discharge standards and avoiding health hazards. In this way plant capacity is increased, more waste can be processed in less time.

To find out more about how biological septic tank treatment can help in your home contact us.

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Single Tablet, 2 Tablets (save €2), 3 Tablets (save €3.50), 6 Tablets (Save €6), 12 Tablets (save €9)

Septic Tank remedy - Download Pdf

View the pdf with detailed information about how your septic tank works, and how to maintain your Septic tank with Rocket Distribution Products Septic Tank Remedy 22


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